Welcome to Bodega Head

Located on a picturesque, mile-wide peninsula that juts out into the Pacific Ocean, Bodega Head offers a scenic spot for visitors and locals alike to see the coastal California wildlife, including whales, seabirds, and seals. Features of the secluded landmark include waterfront hiking trails, a small beach, and a crabbing area.

view of shallow water and mossy rocks

Bodega Harbor

Take in the charming marina atmosphere of Bodega Harbor, stroll along its unique wharves and marinas, or enjoy fresh seafood at popular waterfront spots such as the Tides Wharf or Lucas Wharf eateries. The shallow inner harbor provides an ideal environment for great kitesurfing and windsurfing.

little bird sitting on wheat plant

Bodega Head Walk

Enjoy dazzling ocean views and fantastic bird watching along the trail at Bodega Head. A trip along the dramatic cliff is an easy 3-mile hike, offering a romantic spot for picnics with access to a small sandy cove. In spring, witness a colorful display of wildflowers, while in winter, Bodega Head is a prime vantage point for whale spotting.

beautiful inlet surrounded by cliffs

Story of Bodega Head

A geological formation created from activity along the nearby San Andreas Fault, Bodega Head is made up of rocky granite and sea cliffs that have taken shape over millennia. Today, the sandy coves and shores around the rocks attract diverse wildlife, including gray whales migrating during the winter months.

picnic basket set up on a blanket

Bodega Head Picnic

With free parking and plenty of nearby picnic tables, Bodega Head is the ultimate place for an unforgettable picnic against a breathtaking backdrop of panoramic Pacific Ocean views. Go for a hike along the bluffs and complete the day by bringing a basket of lunch, settling in to dine by the coastline.